Rethm Bhaava, the Next Generation


Today is going to be a very exciting day following the arrival yesterday of the new, proprietary 8″ wide band driver developed by Rethm in co-operation with the ex-chief designer of Peerless India — a gentleman by the name of Milind Patel.

The new driver is claimed to sound more open in the mid and treble, with more extended treble response. Apparently, in chasing that goal, Rethm also gained sensitivity, putting it around 97dB/w/m, up from the previous 94.

I think it’s important to note that, unless you attended Capital Audio Fest or the NY Audio Show this past November, you haven’t heard the Bhaava in its current form at a show yet. (At the LA Audio Show and AXPONA 2017 they had the original drivers.) You’ll have another chance to hear the new ones at AXPONA next month, where distributor Mark Sossa will again be demonstrating the new version. Likewise, any review you’ve read to date has been with the earlier, distinctly different wide band driver.

I’ll begin by thoroughly warming up my existing pair of Bhaavas, to establish a ‘before’ picture. The balance of the system consists of: Innuos Zenith MkII (std) server/streamer/player and Aqua La Scala MkII Optologic DAC, linked by a Wireworld Series 7 Platinum USB cable, feeding a Shindo Monbrison (latest) and Shindo Montille CV391 20 watt, push-pull, Class A stereo amp. Interconnects are Auditorium 23, as are the speaker cables.

First, listening to the Bhaava with the original drivers, I’m struck by how easy they are to set up. Positioning first with powered isobaric woofers off to find the greatest sense of openness, clarity and depth, it’s a 12” putt to fine tune the turnover point and level of each bass unit for appropriate weight vs speed and balance with a few different cuts.

is It 2pm yet? I’m eager to hear the new drivers . . .

10 minutes ago I fired up the new drivers. Right out of the gate, the slight cloudiness in the Bhaava’s original drivers’ mids and a noticeable but not objectionable lack of air on guitar strings, cymbals and similar has cleared up like the lunchtime atmosphere North of San Francisco.

Time to let it simmer for an hour or two . . .


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