Old Forge Studio is pleased to offer products from the following companies. (Link to manufacturer web sites by clicking on the bold, underlined company name.)

Acapella Audio ArtsOld Forge Studio has on demo: La Campanella II.

Acoustic Plan – German firm AcousticPlan was founded in 1996 by the German music enthusiast Claus Jäckle after fifteen years of experimental research on music reproduction and its complement, i.e. issues of recording and acoustics. Old Forge Studios has on demo: DriveMaster CD transport, DigiMaster tube DAC and their optional linear power supply.

Aqua – Acoustic Quality – This Italian company, which designs and manufactures a CD transport and DACS, describes its efforts as follows: “By combining dedicated research with creative thinking, R & D Department has brought forth a range of innovation whose aim is to recreate the experience of live music in your home.” Think: R2R – in two cases discrete resistors, modular, updatable construction, marvelous, powerful, musical sound. Old Forge Studios has on demo: La Voce MkIII, La Scala MkII Optologic DAC, Formula.

Auditorium 23 – Keith Aschenbrenner creates some of the most musical audio gear on the planet, ranging from interconnects and speaker cable through step-up transformers for specific low output moving coil cartridges to some of the most intriguing loudspeakers I’ve ever heard, or seen for that matter! Old Forge Studios has on demo: Hommage 755a, Hommage a Ken, Hommage Cinema, Denon, EMT std and Hommage T2 step-up transformers, interconnects, speaker cable.

BuildDesignListen – This New Zealand-based company began offering a carbon fiber, unipivot tonearm in 2011 when Founder/Manager Simon Brown created the Wand tonearm. There are now 6 tonearms available through dealers: two performance levels in three lengths each: 9.5″ (Rega drop-in replacement), 10.3″ (longest possible on LP12, compatible with Technics 1200 and 1500 series), and 12″ for use where transcription length arms are in service.

The Wand Turntable 14-4 is now in production. Why 14-4? The platter is 14″ in diameter, improving inertia by 20% over a 12″ platter of the same mass. The platter consists of four layers to reduce noise.

Box Furniture – This Brooklyn Navy Yard-based company makes some of the loveliest and best sounding equipment racks in the industry, as well as the speaker cabinets for Devore Fidelity. Customization is always an option! Both the double-width 3 shelf and single-width 4 shelf racks are on display at Old Forge Studio.

DeVore Fidelity – “Founded by president and chief designer John DeVore in 2000, DeVORE FIDELITY has gone on to receive universal acclaim for every one if its products, and John continues to push the state of the art in speaker design. John brought his 30 years of experience as a musician, 20 years of designing speakers and 18 years of Hi-Fi industry experience to his company.” Old Forge Studios has on demo: Gibbon 3XL, Gibbon Nine Plus,Orangutan 93 (O93) and Orangutan 96 (O96).

EMT – This German has been producing transcription studio turntables (historical), tonearms and moving coil cartridges for over 75 years. Old Forge Studios has on demo: EMT 997 tone arm, TSD 75, JSD S75 (in a J head shell) and Lime low output moving coil cartridges.

Falcon Acoustics Ltd – This UK-based loudspeaker company “was founded in 1972 as Falcon Electronics by the first employee (1961) at KEF Electronics Ltd., Malcolm Jones. As Senior Development Engineer Malcolm did most of the design and development of the legendary KEF drive units and the systems in which they were incorporated… Malcolm retired in 2009 and transferred Falcon to Jerry Bloomfield.” Malcom and Jerry conspired to bring the legendary LS3/5A back into production in a form as close to the original (44 years old!), as humanly possible. Old Forge Studios has on demo: LS3/5A and dedicated stands.

Innuos – “Innuos was founded in 2009 in the United Kingdom with the vision that you don’t need to sacrifice sound quality nor be a technology wizard to enjoy the convenience of Digital Music at your fingertips.” (Hallelujah! Say Amen!) “This vision can only be achieved through the combination of three core principles: Perfect synergy between hardware and software, customer-driven research and development, and open platform development.”
For me, it boils down to great sound, simple set-up, convenience and flexibility in operation. At last, a ripper/player/server that isn’t a hair shirt experience to operate!
Old Forge Studios has on demo: ZEN MkIII.

J.C. Verdier – Back in the ’90s,this legendary French turntable manufacturer brought a high mass platter, outboard motor and magnetic repulsion (to lighten the load and reduce bearing noise), together to stunning and often imitated musical effect. Old Forge Studios has on demo: La Nouvelle Platine.

Leben HiFi – The designer and owner of Leben Hi-Fi is Mr. Taku Hyodo, who, after a career as an engineer at Luxman, began producing tube amplifier designs of his own in 1991. All Leben products are hand-made, using point-to-point wiring. Old Forge Studios has on demo: CS-300 integrated amplifier and RS-30EQ phono stage.

Line Magnetic – A Chinese company run by two brothers with two very different factories and product lines. Click on the company name for more information.

Pure Audio – Old Forge Studio has on demo: One integrated amplifier, Vinyl phono stage, LV-1 ‘Little Vinyl’ phono stage, Control pre-amp, Duo stereo power amp, Reference Mono power amps.

Rethm – This Indian loudspeaker company was started by two architects in Los Angeles working with Lowther drivers in 2000. In 2007, self-powered woofers were added to the full range drivers and in 2011, Rethm began using wideband drivers of its own design in combination with isobarically loaded, self-powered woofers and sleek design. The result? Some of the most interesting loudspeakers on the market today. Old Forge Studios has on demo: Bhaava and Maarga.

Shindo Laboratory – This family-run Japanese firm designs and hand builds some of the most highly regarded electronics, loudspeakers and turntables in the world. Founder Ken Shindo made a name for himself and his brand designing preamplifiers and amplifiers using and combining unusual tubes in original ways to attain his vision of musical beauty, naming them after some of the world’s finest wines and housing them in bottle green chassis. In addition, he modified Garrard 301 turntables and created loudspeakers, some using field coils, using classic Altec drivers. His wife and two sons have continued this important work since Ken’s death in 2014. Old Forge Studios has on demo: Aurieges and Monbrison pre-amplifiers, Montille CV-391 and Cortese F2A power amplifiers, Mr T isolation transformer.

Sugden Audio – This UK-based electronics firm celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. Sugden offers four series of amplification, both integrated and separate, as well as a loudspeaker and cables. Old Forge Studios has on demo: A21SE integrated amplifier.

TonApparate – Uwe Meyer designs and builds the best sounding audio racks I’ve ever heard. “Heard?”, you say. Yes, heard. It’s amazing what 200lbs of cherry wood, pneumatically isolated from its environment, can do for your system’s sound!

Well Tempered LabsOld Forge Studio has on demo: Simplex II.

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