Wand Tonearms

Simon Brown of Design Build Listen in New Zealand first developed a DIY-oriented version of the Wand carbon fiber unipivot tonearm stripped down to the basics. (The earliest mention I have found online is from 2012.)

Since then, The Wand has evolved to second and third performance levels: Plus and Master, which will be differentiated below. The Plus and Master series of arms each include three arm lengths:

  • 9.5″ – the most commonly used arm length, designed to be a drop-in replacement for any table set up for a Rega geometry arm.
  • 10.3″ – which provides much of the tracking/tracing error reduction one obtains in using 12″ arms, but cleverly designed to be both the maximum length that can be mounted on a Linn LP12 and also compatible with the Technics 1200 and 1500 series tables.
  • 12″ – When you, or more precisely, your turntable, have the available real estate to mount a transcription length arm, as Yogi Berra said of the fork in the road, “Take it! This the longest popularly used length in tonearms, minimizing tracing/tracking distortion. In many cases, this results in a fairly massive arm, but not here. The 12” Wand is still a middle range mass arm, suitable for use with an extremely wide range of cartridges.

To further increase the vinyl lover’s options, mounting kits are available for SME slot mount, Lenco, Thorens, Linn and Technics turntables. Wand ‘arms have you covered!

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